New Teacher Program

Brianna Caldino

Starting next year, Shawnee Heights has added a new career exploration program for students interested in a teaching career. The idea of bringing this program to the school has been up in the air for a while, but with a combination of schedules lining up and teacher shortages, it will finally be introduced.  

While Washburn Tech offers programs in nursing, automobile servicing, information technology, construction, cosmetology and more, the Teaching as a Career program will be run through the high school and available to give students a chance to try out jobs before entering into a lifelong career. The new classes will be offered to juniors and seniors.

“Typically the way we want to do it is Teaching as a Career your junior year, and then your senior year is going to be more involved with more teaching and planning,” assistant principal Mr. Eric Steele said.

Teaching as a Career was designed to show students the principles that go along with teaching and learning. Those who enroll will get a first hand look at the responsibilities a teacher has, and the techniques that help them meet the requirements that the job demands. Not only is it a good opportunity for students to feel what it’s like to be in a leadership position, but they will also get to see everything from classroom management to different student behavior.

After taking Teaching as a Career, students are eligible to take Teaching Internship, which is a class that will give students a chance to experience work in fields relating to education. Different goals will each be set by the student, teacher, and supervisors. Teaching Internship gives a more thorough look into classroom activities in multiple different settings with discussion, support and follow ups on the experience. Similar to the Washburn Tech program that is offered, students will leave for a portion of their day.

“We’ll try do it through a lot of partnerships within the elementary buildings and so forth or Heights of Learning or the middle school. Possibly even some here at the high school…” Mr. Steele said.

The school thinks that this program will help students clarify what they want to specialize in teaching wise, and get a deeper look into what aspects they do and don’t like.

“We hope it will give them a little bit more of a background for when they step out into that next level. It will kind of give them a running start,” Mr. Steele said.

Students who apply for the classes and are approved will have it as a part of their schedule.