Positives Aspects of COVID-19

Find the silver lining during the pandemic.


Haley Haltom, Reporter

The Coronavirus seems to have taken over people’s lives, it is in almost every conversation and has put a damper on graduation, prom, spring sports, and more but it’s important to see the silver linings in situations like this.

The environment, for example, has gotten a lot cleaner. Multiple countries have enforced restrictions on traveling and leaving the house. Which in turn, air pollution has greatly decreased in larger cities. According to satellite data completed by NASA, the Northeastern US atmospheric levels of nitrogen dioxide air pollution dropped by 30% in March compared to last year. Marshall Burke, a researcher at Stanford University, calculated the improvements in air quality recorded in China which may have saved the lives of 4,000 children under 5 years old and 73,000 adults over 70.  Experts are hoping that this may have an impact on how people see climate change and how they change their interactions when things go back to normal. 

With the rest of the school year being moved to online and a stay at home order being put in place, people have a lot of time on their hands. Never before have people had this amount of time to accomplish things. Someone could learn a language, start a mural, or learn to sew. 

“My dad is teaching me to play the bass and I painted my bathroom. It’s a perfect time for self-reflection as well,” sophomore Lauren Kile said. She plays multiple instruments and is also spending this time at the lake. 

Kali Henry is a multi-sport athlete with a busy school life. She doesn’t usually have a lot of time but now with everything canceled she has had the time to focus on the lifestyle changes she wanted to make. 

“I have found myself eating healthier, working out more, and having a lot more time to do things that calm me down,” said sophomore Kali Henry. 

People may even be more appreciative and aware of things in the future. Experts are predicting that our generation may be more aware of hand washing, sanitizing, and what we touch as adults. As adults, we will be more attentive to the money we are spending and may not be very big risk-takers. 

”It makes me more appreciative of all the nurses and healthcare workers who are on the frontlines and doing whatever they can to protect us,” Henry said.