New Learning Environment Causes a Wave of Cheating

As some students settle into their 4th week of virtual learning, others take on week 4 of barely getting by.


Brook Newberry and Haven Blosser

With the switch from our previous school environment to the online learning students are completing now, there have been some issues. One of the biggest issues is the amount of cheating that has taken place through this process.

“I know there’s answer keys out there so I will go through and change a question or two here and there,” said chemistry teacher Mr. Bob Wells. “It is what it is, it’s kind of what I expected,”

Teachers aren’t oblivious when it comes to the fact that there are ways to cheat, and neither are students. 

“I think it is still learning, you are just using your resources more effectively,” said one anonymous student.

Many teachers have cut tests or quizzes completely out of their syllabus. However for the ones that haven’t, it is hard to guarantee that a student won’t use other sources to help. Whether that’s asking a friend for answers or finding the worksheet online, cheating is right at every student’s fingertips. 

“It’s really like it is in the classroom, there are some people working at it. They’re watching the videos and checking the notes,” said Mr. Wells. “And then there are some that aren’t even watching the videos, they’re going straight to the answers.”

As easy as it is to take the three seconds to copy and paste answers from one document to another, the resources teachers are putting into assignments are to genuinely help the students.

“I think google translate is good for a starting point for ideas but I wouldn’t use it for a direct answer because it’s usually not based on the grammar units you are using in class,” said one anonymous student.

Though in the moment using the answer key seems quick and easy, it is no secret it won’t really help you in the long run.

“In the Zoom sessions that we have done, there has been a group of people that have come on during that time,” said Mr. Wells. “I think with the answer keys being out there right now, there hasn’t been as many people as there will be when we get into the more difficult stuff.”

The most a teacher can hope for is that what they’re teaching is being understood by the students, and worth it.

“I can tell when the answer key is being used a lot. But there’s enough repetition there, even if they are just copying off the answer sheet, hopefully some of it is sinking in,” said Mr. Wells.

— Mr. Wells

Not every student is taking online school as serious as teachers would hope. 

“Teachers should be more understanding considering the learning environment is completely different… teachers can’t really stop it,” said one anonymous student. 

Teachers and students have to communicate differently, and teachers cannot monitor their students like in the classroom. With every change, there will be some kinks. The process of online learning has a couple, but they will be worked out overtime.