Students adjusting to new school organization

Organizing your work from home is very different from doing it at school, this story tells you some ways our students are keeping there work organized and any tips they have.Featuring Juniors Claire Olson and Jack Huffman, Sophomore Lauren Kile, and Freshman Hannah Sixkiller.


Mia Osier, Reporter

Online schooling can be difficult in many different ways, the new environment, new learning skills, and the new organization students have to learn can take some time to get used to. Some students use a very organized schedule to keep all their work in check, but there are also other students that do not have any organized way to get their work done at all. Organization is always good to have when presented with new events in life, such as online schooling. Students have many assignments to do for each class, but do not have a teacher that can tell them what all they have to do and how to do it. Students have to learn to communicate through email but also know that the teacher could get back to them in less than an hour or as long as a whole day.Which is why students need to be organized with their work in case a question pops up.

As online schooling is becoming more normal and more natural, Junior Jack Huffman has his weekly schedule planned out for him as he gets ready for another week of school.”I usually try and complete my easiest classes first.” Huffman said. Doing his less challenging classes first gives him more time to get his harder classes done including all the questions he may have about any assignment for his teachers.Using this strategy might help you feel like you have done more work in less time,because the classes that come easier to you don’t feel as long as the ones that are more challenging for you.

Having special tips for yourself during the school week can always help when you have a lot to do.”I would write down every assignment that I have to do for the week on Monday when they first come out and cross it out once I get it done.” Junior Claire Olson said.This is a great way to keep all your assignments visual for you when you need to see what all you have left to do, it can also help you have better use of you time throughout the week.”I’ve found that keeping a decent sleeping schedule helps me feel productive and have better days.” Sophomore Lauren Kile said.Getting a good night sleep will always help when you are doing any school work,it will keep you more focused and ready to work.

A big question being asked right now is: was it easier to organize your work when there was still class at the high school or is it easier now that everything’s online?Being at school and being at home can be a very difficult change for some students, but some may like it better.”I think work organization is easier for me because at school I have to keep everything with me in my backpack where as at home I can use my whole desk and room to organize all my work.” Freshman Hannah Sixkiller said.Having your own space to keep your work is always nice to have and may keep you less stressed when finding something you need.

As students keep doing online school, the easier it will be to know what kind of organization fits better for you and that you like.Keeping an organized schedule that works for you will make online schooling less stressful and will make you more persistent with your work