Freshmen Final Tips

Rachel Etzel

Studying for finals can be hard no whatever grade level you are in. My five steps to greatness will give you a step by step guide on how to one up final studying.

  1. Don’t cram all your studying in the night before and expect to know it all. Instead spread your studying weeks before and each night look over notes and old worksheets.
  2. Take breaks, every 45 minutes while studying just stop and take a little brain break. Your brain needs a break from all the great info you’re getting in. Studying without breaks can overload your brain and cause you to forget all the information you are trying to remember.
  3. The day of finals don’t skip a meal but instead eat a small meal like cereal or a granola bar. Follow the saying,  breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you’ll be set for finals.
  4. Make flashcards with vocab on them to get through a fast pace study session. To get the most beneficial studying out of your flashcards make them colorful.. Studies have shown your brains remembers in color.
  5. Go out and study somewhere besides your room. This gets you out of your comfort zone and more concentrated.