College is a Good Thing

Rebecca Donaldson, Staff

It may not be the case for every student but many parents want or even expect their child to go to college or some type of secondary schooling after high school. Many jobs require a college degree and that’s why I think that people who attend and graduate from college are more successful than those who choose not to attend.

Some students don’t think they need to go to college because their parents didn’t go. If you want to go to college, you should. Start a tradition. There are many programs to help students fill-out applications and handle the stress.

As a freshman, I’ve already made so many new friends and experienced many great things in high school and that is only with 1,200 other people. Imagine going to school with 25,000 other people. With that many people, odds are in your favor of meeting someone with similar interests to yours.

I’ve heard so many stories from college graduates talking about their experiences in college. They had memories of their roommates, activities they were involved in, great professors, and interesting classes they took. They all talk about the lasting experiences they gained in college.

On average, high school graduates have a higher chance of losing their job to college graduates. According to, there was 4,500,000 more unemployed high school graduates than unemployed college graduates in 2009. Having a college degree makes you more valuable in a company’s eyes.

College can help prepare for your future by teaching you independence. Your parents won’t be there to do the laundry, washes the dishes, buy groceries or even to remind you about that essay that’s due tomorrow.

Take the time to better your future now rather than trying to figure your life out while living in your parents’ basement working six jobs and getting paid minimum wage.

Someday, I’d like to sit down with my children or grandchildren and tell them all the great things that I experienced because I took the time to stop and think about what I want in life.