John Lysaught

Drew Buchanan

Freshman tennis player John Lysaught has started his first high school career off strong with an 11-6 record. Lysaught is the second to youngest in his family, with many of his siblings being tennis players themselves.

“My five sisters all started playing tennis when they were younger and my dad is the head coach at washburn so I sort of got brought into it and I really enjoy the sport,” Lysaught said.

He started playing tennis early on in his life and has been constantly practicing on becoming better and fine tuning his skills as a tennis player.

“I practice pretty much every weekday and if I don’t go to practice then I go to a private tennis lesson,” Lysaught said.

Not only does Lysaught compete in high school tennis tournaments, he also competes in tournaments on his own during the off season.

“Going to a tournament with the highschool you have a lot more support from your teammates and it’s a lot easier to give support to others and it just helps bring you up,” Lysaught said.

Throughout Lysaught’s career, he has had many coaches who have helped him become become better fundamentally and physically at tennis.

“My dad has helped me become a lot better at tennis along with my coach Matthew Barlow, who used to play tennis at Washburn, have helped me to get a lot better,” Lysaught said.

Lysaught and the tennis team have faced a lot of competition this year. One of the most challenging opponents Lysaught has faced this year has been Washburn Rural.

“Washburn is definitely one of our biggest rivals this year,” Lysaught said.

Coach Mike Bass has spent a lot of time this year helping Lysaught heighten his skills and become a better tennis player.

“ He is committed to improving and he wants to be a state champion, he works hard and pushes his fellow teammates to work hard,” Coach Bass said.

This tennis season has given Lysaught confidence going into the postseason. He hopes to have a lot of success in the state tournament and place top three.