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2019-2020 Staff

Arianna Lavalette

Staff Member

Emily Metzger

Staff Member

Emily Metzger is a junior on the Newspaper Staff, her main contribution is writing stories. Emily loves rainy days and "That 70's Show." She has a strong hatred for artificial orange flavor and fruit punch. Emily is a member of...

Emily Loy

Staff Member

Emily Loy is a freshman and the only freshmen currently on staff. She enjoys designing and being active. Emily is in love with KJ Apa. She plays volleyball and soccer.

Cesar Giron

Staff Member

Cesar Giron is a sophomore and a writer on the newspaper staff at Shawnee heights. He dislikes golf, people who chew with their mouth open, and people who wear Nike and Adidas together. His extracurricular activities include playing...

Toby Moss

Toby Moss is the co-editor in chief in training for the Shawnee Heights newspaper staff in his second year. Toby likes rapping and using his earnings to give back to the community. "I do this for the kids who grew up like me,...

Abbey Manzanares

Abbey Manzanares is a junior on the Shawnee Heights High School newspaper staff and prefers to write but also likes to design. In the future, she wants to be a sophomore English teacher and to earn her doctorate. Her goal is to...

Haven Blosser


Haven Blosser is a Sophomore on newspaper staff. This is her first year on staff, and she mainly writes stories. She enjoys being on staff because of the teamwork. Her celebrity crush is the handsome, Jamie Dornan. Haven is obsessed...

Josh Ybarra

Digital Editor

Josh is the Digital Editor for the Newspaper staff. He is willing to go out of his way to help others out and is always up for the challenge. He is very humble in his pieces of work for the staff. Josh likes long walks on the...

Ehllee Buckholtz


Ehllee Buckholtz is a junior and helps with design for newspaper. Ehllee likes Dhoop sticks incense, the show "Meet the Fosters", and Lypsyl chapstick. Ehllee is involved in cheer and wrestling.

Mia Osier

Staff Member

Mia Osier is a junior and a designer on the newspaper staff.This is her second year on newspaper.She likes country music, Chick-Fil-A and playing Just Dance in her room.She also strongly dislikes when people bite into string cheese.Her...

Haley Haltom

Staff Member

Haley Haltom is a sophomore and helps with design on the Shawnee Heights newspaper staff. She enjoys playing sports, going to concerts, and has an extreme phobia of cats. She runs track and plays volleyball.

Colton Thompson

Layout Editor

Colton Thompson is a senior on the newspaper staff. He is the layout editor, specializes in design, and is currently in his third year on staff. Colton enjoys pickup basketball, listening to music, and watching movies. He is the...

Brook Newberry

Staff Member

Brook Newberry is a sophomore on the Shawnee Heights Newspaper Staff. She likes spending all of her money on food and gas, and blaring Shawn Mendes in her car. One thing Brook dislikes is slow walkers and country music. She is...

Brianna Caldino

Staff Member

Brianna Caldino is a junior and is mainly a designer on the Newspaper staff. Her dream job is to become a surgeon, but she knows it's a lot of schooling,  and is not about that life, so she will settle on becoming a radiologist....

Laurel Padilla

Staff Member

Laurel Padilla is a junior and has been a member of the newspaper staff for two years. She enjoys writing stories every issue. She is involved with NHS, her church, cross country, and track. She likes spending time with her family,...

Olivia Talbert

Co-Editor in Chief

Olivia Talbert is the co-editor in chief on the newspaper staff in her third year. She loves debate, the east coast, and being helpful. Olivia is also involved in T-Birds Together and helps out with the musical.

Elly Keyes

Staff Writer

Elly Keyes is a writer on the Newspaper Staff at Shawnee Heights, and is in sophomore year of high school. She likes reading, petting dogs, and swimming. She is a delegate in Model UN, a peer counselor in T-Birds Together, and...

Tia Munoz

Copy Editor

Tia Munoz is the copy editor of the newspaper staff at Shawnee Heights. She is a junior and has been on staff for 2 years. She likes "Breaking Bad", The University of Michigan, and Chief Keef, and she has a strong dislike for...

Bella LeJuerrne


Bella LeJuerrne is a writer and designer for the Shawnee Heights Newspaper. She is in her sophomore year of high school. She likes traveling, roaming through T.J. Maxx, and taking walks with her dog, Charlie. She's played soccer...

Isaiah Wilson

Editor in Chief

Isaiah Wilson is the co-editor in chief of the Shawnee Heights newspaper staff. He is a senior and likes Kikus and El Dorado. He dislikes Micheal Jordan, baseball, and cats. Isaiah could be described as unpredictable. Isaiah enjoys...

Rebecca Donaldson

Business Editor

Rebecca Donaldson is a senior and the business editor on staff. She has been on staff for four year. After graduation, Rebecca will be attending Kansas State University to earn dual Bachelor's degrees in Agriculture education...

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