Video Game Addiction

Shalynn Long

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Addiction is a brain disease when people focus on using a certain substance, according to Video games are attracting audiences ages eight to 18 causing small . According to, this age group around the country plays video games an average of nearly 15 hours a week. Addiction to video games result to side effects that may interfere with everyday activities.

“I get my homework done but like I don’t always do it before video games so I might go home play video games and do homework later,” senior, Jack Hoytal said.

A survey was given to 65 students and results show that 25 students will play video games everyday for approximately 2-3 hours. Additionally, more than five hours a day interferes with sleep, amount of times spent on homework, and time for other activities (

A recent survey of 65 students showed that mainly males play video games approximately 3 hours a day. Approximately 14 girls and 56 boys filled out the survey and results show that boys play more video games than girls. ‘Boys typically spent about 1.7 hours more per week playing video games than girls’ according to

“I think it’s definitely a stereotype that they do [guys] but I’m not sure whether it’s either way…I don’t think it’s necessarily intended I just think it happens to grab those audiences more,” senior, Andy Lauderback said

Video games are more geared towards guys interest rather than girls because they fit guys style. “Stanford University School of Medicine researchers — in a small but provocative study — say they’ve shown that the part of the brain that generates rewarding feelings is more activated in men than women when they’re playing video games. This may help explain what research has shown: ‘Males are three times more likely to get addicted to video games than females.’ according to

“During the week I probably play like an hour…then like weekends I play like six hours on the weekend total, ” Hoytal said.

About 10-15 percent of all video gamers fit criteria of being addicted ( Playing for about 2 hours a day can be considered as heavy game usage.

According to a recent study from the New York Times, gamers who play about 31 hours a week are likely to suffer from depression, anxiety, and social phobias. Those gamers are also more likely to have school grades decrease and have worse relationships with their parents.

“I play them to kill time and I think my favorite thing about them actually is I play with my friends and I can talk to them when I’m not hanging out with them,” Hoytal said.

According to psychguides, video game addiction is similar to any other addiction and should be treated as such. The first step is being able to recognize it exists.

The first signs of addiction may include fatigue, amount of time playing, anticipating next time to play, etc. Recognizing these signs simplifies if someone is addicted to video games or not.

A simple solution to reduce game time would be for parents to restrict the amount of time their kids play. Parents could also limit the amount of times their kids play a week in order to reduce addiction.

If someone is addicted to video games, they may want to consider reducing the amount of time they play games to about two-three hours a day. Reducing playing time may result in better sleeping, improved work ethic, and improved social skills. Consider these options next time you play video games whether you think you’re addicted or not. Please consider these options for your addiction or…GAME OVER.


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