New Beginnings

Tia Munoz

Spring is a time of new beginnings. The sun reappears, weather gets warmer, and the days start getting longer. Use this season as a fresh start to fill time with new experiences and give yourself a second chance to keep the resolutions you made for the New Year. No matter what you use this time for, it’s important to take the opportunity for change.

The same routine can get old and boring when repeated over and over. Trying new things and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone allows you to embrace new experiences and see other perspectives. Change is good, whether big or small. Not only can it help with becoming more adaptable to different situations, but it will also prepare you for the chaos that life often throws at people.

Spring cleaning is seen as a cliche, but in reality, it really is something beneficial. Getting rid of what no longer serves a purpose can help move you forward and create a clean slate to work with. A cluttered surrounding leads to a cluttered mind. Throwing out old belongings opens up space for new ones, and lets one assess what’s truly necessary and what was just taking up physical space.

Everything considered, even though spring cleaning is seen as typical and is often overlooked, it really can be beneficial in the long run. Whether the change is habits or environment, it’s important to switch things up in life.