Preparing for Germany


Junior Rachel Taylor works on her presentation for her trip to Germany.

Ryan Berry

In early February, the exchange kids start to think about going to Germany in a few months. They soon begin to think about starting our presentations. They are told to write a one page paper about what they want to talk about to the students and teachers in Germany.
The first step that the kids complete is to think about what they want to talk about. It can be anything from their everyday life to past vacations or something significant that they find interesting.
After they compose their first draft, the kids send it into Frau Becker, and she edits it and translates it to make sure there are no mistakes. Once we receive the letter back we send it off to our exchange partners in Germany. Our exchange partner examines the paper and adds anything or changes some things so it sounds better in German since the presentation is done orally.
Once they receive the letter back, they begin to memorize the presentation in German. This involves re-reading the letter over and over until they are dreaming about it and can read the paper without having any trouble.
When it is finally memorized, they begin to make their PowerPoints. Then they begin to present to students in class to get any sort of feedback that might be helpful when they are presenting in Germany. Many of them are very excited to share things with a lot of students in Germany and wonder how different their lives are compared to theirs.