Acting class


Freshmen Hailey Buckley, Emily Seuell, Ali Crawford, and Maddie Good, and sophomore Jordan Williams were all acting in a Disney movie for they class.

Olivia Farley

One of the classes I am excited to be attend is Acting l. There are reasons why acting class will always be enjoyable; I never know what I will be doing that day unit I walk into class. I learn about myself as a person and an actor. Another thing I enjoy about acting is that I learn how to act with others and not think about what I will be doing.
There are several games to play or the class will just go over skits. As a class everybody practice a lot more than I thought. Everyone has to memorize skits and plays to test our memories.
During acting how I learn about myself is testing my memory. Another way I test myself is I have to change character to character. I also learn about myself as a person by seeing how I can change my voice and my personality.
Learning how to act with others will be kind of hard because people want to say what would be normal but everybody has to stay in character and stay with the script. It is a reaction for everybody wanting to say what is normal wanted to, so everyone have to teach each other not to say what your reaction will be.
It also helps by the people who are in the class, but it helps if people participate in the game or skit. Attending acting will always be enjoyable, and it will make my day just that much better. Those are all the reasons why I enjoy going to acting.