Teaching career


Along with becoming a teacher, everybody has to look the part. Senior Kelsee Garinger shows off her teaching attire.

Kelsee Garinger

Ever since I was younger I knew I wanted teaching to be my career. The only problem was I didn’t know what grade or subject I would like to teach. I had no idea at the time how I was going to be able to decide.
Then I got introduced to this program that Shawnee Heights offers. It is called Work Cite Education. In this program I got to pick a school and a teacher to have as my mentor for the last few months of school.
I chose Williams Magnet Science and Fine Arts Elementary School, because that is where I attended kindergarten through fifth grade. I loved it there because of everything it had to offer in the science and fine arts department. I also had a great experience there and absolutely loved the teaching staff.
My favorite teacher was my third and fourth grade teacher, Briana Osburn. So, of course, I chose her to be my mentor. I contacted her and then started the program on Jan. 21 and am currently continuing it. I attend Williams, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 11 o’clock to around 2ish. She now teaches fifth graders.
So far I love it, but I have for sure ruled out teaching fifth graders. They are just a lot to handle and very opinionated. I am most likely moving down to second or third grade.
This program has for sure been an honor to be a part of, and it has helped my future already so much.