Created in design the Zentangle

Lauren Ostrander

In Design with Mrs. Ayers-Berry, the students are creating a color wheel using only the three Primary colors, yellow, blue, and red. The class starts out drawing their perfect circles, separating them     into 6 slices and four lines inside of the circle. They also have three lines which are an inch thick that run through the circle. At the end of those lines will be a shape that they choose, which will be filled with any color they choose.

All of the colors are mixed by the student and also need a shade, tint, and tone of that color. There are three primaries, three secondary colors, and six intermediate colors that are all required to be on the circle with a shade, tint, and tone. The area of the circle where the circle comes to the middle, which makes a star, will be painted in all black. The lines will be the intermediate colors. All of the colors follow the pattern of the original color wheel, but the students may choose the lightness of the shades, tints, and tones.

The class has three days to create this artwork. After drawing the outline and filling in all the areas with paint, the student can choose to cut out the color wheel and write their name on the back, or paint white over the mistakes they had made outside of the lines. The student is graded on the neatness of the project and the consistency of the colors that were mixed.