Making Art


Senior Haley Meier smiles as she adds the finishing touches to the tea cup.

Page McGowan

Advanced Projects is for students who have already taken the four previous ceramic classes. The students enrolled are allowed to create whatever they would like. Teacher Ryan Paget just has to approve the idea before anyone can begin.
Senior Haley Meier is making a teacup to drink her tea in. Meier painted a sunflower on the tea cup. The whole project took her only three days.
“Raspberry tea is my favorite kind of tea so I will drink it out of my new tea cup,” Meier said.
Items such as cups, bowls, and plates have been made by senior Kasey Padgett. Right now Padgett is making a star fish to put on her coffee mug.
“My vacation to Panama City Beach over Spring Break is what inspired me to put the star fish on it,” Padgett said.
Senior Kevin McGowan is a teacher aide for Paget fourth hour. McGowan’s main job is to make all of the clay for students to build and create with. McGowan and four others help teacher aide for Paget this semester.
“I love Mr. Paget, and I am always willing do anything and everything to make his job easier,” McGowan said.
Over 500 projects have been made this semester in Ceramics. Students in Advanced Projects are able to express their creativity. Making art can be very beneficial and a great stress reliever.