New Beginnings- Volunteering

Olivia Talbert

The process of personal self improvement can be an endless search with several partial solutions. What may seem to be a guaranteed solution can lead to another chain of problems.

     But as spring brings on new beginnings, looking outside yourself for answers has never been easier. Volunteering is an easily accessible activity that has many benefits to guide self improvement.

     More than anything, volunteering connects people within communities. Whether it’s helping at an elementary school pancake feed or serving at a soup kitchen, meeting or reconnecting with someone is bound to occur.

     Senior Rachel Hill volunteers every Sunday teaching a religion education class to second graders.

     “[Volunteering gives you] a lot of people skills. It makes you realize there are other people out there that are in different situations and it’s good to put yourself in them for a bit and to take a step back from what we have,” Hill said.

     This new perspective can be very beneficial for personal development. According to, volunteering consistently over time can promote individual growth and increases validity various in activities.

     It is also proven to be an easy way to discover fun and fulfillment.

     “At first (volunteering) was the obligatory…like [the] need for service hours, but [now]…I really like it and going back to them is really fun for me,” Hill said.

    Finding volunteer opportunities like Hill’s may seem daunting and unattainable for some, but there are many small local opportunities to get involved in.

    The school’s Key Club provides many opportunities to volunteer opportunities through the Berryton Kiwanis Club. The club’s goal is to promote leadership through serving others in the area.

    On the community level, participating in the blood drive and applying to volunteer at St. Francis or Stormont Vail are a great ways to make a big impact within the Topeka community.

     Additionally, March is Red Cross Month, which makes giving back on a large scale easier than ever. Volunteers for the Red Cross have many specific opportunities that range from helping displaced families, to providing care and comfort to ill or injured veterans.

     Engaging in any of these opportunities is a step forward in the large pool of growth and exposure that volunteering provides.