Mothers Day Ideas

Mia Osier

Instead of giving your mother an overused gift idea, focus on spending time with your mom this Mother’s Day. Instead of paying for a one time gift, spend the money on something that could create long lasting memories and experiences. For example, instead of buying her a new coffee cup, take her to a pottery class where you can make matching cups. Make your mother’s day gift more sentimental this year.


  1. Painting class- Take your mom to a painting class and create matching artwork
  2. Picnic- Plan a picnic at her favorite outdoor place and make her favorite foods to snack on
  3. Cooking class- Go to a cooking class together to find new recipes for your family.
  4. Book her a massage- Let your mom relax by giving her a certificate for a free massage.
  5. Manicure and Pedicure- Pamper your mom by paying for her nails
  6. Lunch- Treat her to lunch at her favorite restaurant
  7. Breakfast- Have her favorite breakfast foods waiting for her when she wakes up
  8. Board games- Have an afternoon of playing her favorite board games with family