The Masks of SHHS

Emily Loy, Reporter

Mr. Paget- 

“I have homemade masks because that is what my mom made for me,” Ryan Paget, ceramics teacher, said. “They have ties in that back instead of things around your ears, so they are more comfortable for me. Also, my glasses are less likely to fall off. Whenever I wear the ones with ears, my glasses fall off all the time.” Paget’s favorite mask is his SpongeBob one. 


Abi Tomlinson- 

“I like any mask that is adjustable in size to my face. Usually, I wear the box type of mask that can get wider to fit across my face, and I also like the ones with adjustable ear straps. They are more comfortable and fit well,” Abi Tomlinson, sophomore, said. “I got all of mine from Old Navy. They come in packs of 8 for a pretty good price. My favorite mask is my light pink tie-dye one, but I usually just wear whichever mask matches my outfit that day.”


Lauren Kile-

“I buy the reusable cotton masks. I like them because they are easy to clean, and they are more cost-effective than the non-reusable masks, and they’re comfortable”, Lauren Kile, junior, said. “I buy my masks from Target and they come in a pack of two. I have bought too many to keep track of.” 

In the long run, buying one-time-use masks is more expensive than buying a reusable one because over time the cost adds up.