Student Plans for Spring Break Amidst COVID-19

Alyssa Munoz, Reporter

This spring break may look different from others due to COVID-19 guidelines, but students are still planning their activities.

“If the weather is supposed to be nice, I definitely see myself outside a bunch. I probably will be playing with my family, or maybe even having a bonfire,” Taylor Rottinghaus, sophomore, said. 

Since school started later than usual, spring break starts on Mar. 5th and ends on Mar.10th. This is only four days long instead of the usual week.

“Honestly, with the circumstances we are in, I understand why break is cut short, but I wish that it wasn’t,” Rottinghaus said. “Students need their time away from their work just like adults need time away from their jobs.”  

Some students find that their daily routine changes drastically when they no longer have to follow the structure of a school day. However, others find that there is little to no change at all. 

“Most of the time over break the only thing that changes dramatically is my sleep schedule. I sleep in more regularly, and I find time for myself more often than I would when I am in school,” Rottinghaus said.

Because of COVID-19 guidelines, many students may find themselves spending more time on their own, rather than with groups of people. Others are in circumstances that permit them to meet with people.

“My friends and I live somewhat close to each other and we will hang out at someone’s house and just vibe,” Alex Valdivia, sophomore, said.

During spring break some families have vacations or traditions that they follow every year and COVID-19 may have affected that. 

“It will affect it because usually I travel somewhere with my family and due to Covid restrictions we can’t so I probably will just stay home,” Valdivia said.

Outdoor activities are recommended for groups of people, as it is easier to maintain social distancing and there is better airflow. 

“Over spring break I can see myself spending a lot of time outside, if the weather is nice enough I plan to get out and find new areas to go on runs,” Kali Henry, junior, said. “Outdoor activities are the best, I love to play outside with my dog and sit outside and listen to music.”

Some students are choosing to spend their break exploring new activities and TV series.  

“Over break, I will probably paint or do something art-related, walk my dogs, and watch movies,” Isabel Padilla, sophomore, said. “I will probably hang out with my friends and have a relaxing lunch and when I am not in school I do more things without worrying about what time it is.”

Changing up everyday routines allows the opportunity to try something new. This can break cycles that feel repetitive. 

“I listen to a lot of music and I like finding new music to add to my playlist,” Padilla said.