Head Soccer Coach Receives Award

Steve Loy is awarded both the Kansas Soccer Coach of the year as well as Regional Soccer Coach of the Year.


Haven Blosser, Reporter

Steve Loy was awarded the Kansas Soccer Coach of the Year. He went on to be awarded something even bigger, The Regional Soccer Coach of the Year. Loy is involved in the Soccer Coaching Association, where the award originates from.

“Soccer Coaching Association across the United States, the largest in the country, it has different regions. I was voted Kansas Coach of the Year, then I went on and received Regional Coach of the Year,” Loy said.

Loy did not necessarily do anything specific to get nominated for these awards. All he knows is he was nominated by a regional representative. But, to be nominated you must be a great coach in someone’s eyes.

He is also a great coach in his player’s eyes too. Many of his players have nothing but positive words to say about Loy. 

“I think he is unique, one thing he does is a one on one battle with someone you are neck and neck with, and you have to battle it out for the position you want to play, it’s a lot of mental and self-perseverance,” Jaden Rodriguez, junior, said. 

Loy also mentions his appreciation for his assistant coaches. After all, a sport is a team effort, for the coaches and the players. 

        “I think it was more over the work that our coaches and I have done with the program over the years, but I don’t give enough credit two my assistant coaches that I have,” Loy said.

        After a coach is nominated the association sends them a questionnaire to hear their impact on the community.  Loy is involved in coaching club soccer, camps, and clinics, and is on the board of directors for The Topeka Soccer Club. 

“He has done an incredible job of building his capability to coach, with all of the professional affiliations and all of the activities he does outside of the school,” Cody Whitney, athletic director, said.

Unlike many high school coaches, many choose to coach because they like the sport or played it in high school themselves. For Loy coaching and soccer, in general, is almost like a lifestyle. Outside of high school coaching, he does many other things such as coach club teams, helps with camps, and is on the board for the Topeka Soccer Association. This makes his coaching overall better as well as giving him more accomplishments to add to his list. 

“It’s humbling because I didn’t think of myself as the best coach in the state. There is so many coaches out there and I’m constantly learning, growing, and asking questions,” Loy said.

This award is not only humbling to Loy but for the school as well. To opponents, or to transferring students, this kind of award is something that stands out. It shows the level of hard work and determination that goes into our soccer program.