Tik Tok Food Review

Tik Tok Food Review

Brynne Liedtke, Reporter


7-Layer brownies

⅗ Stars : These brownies were harder to make than the Tik Tok lets on. There are many parts to the brownies and the cleanup takes forever. They are very good but there is not a big difference between these and a regular brownie. In my opinion, a regular brownie would do just fine compared to the hassle and effort these take.

No-Bake cookie dough

5/5 Stars : I wasn’t expecting them to be as easy to make as all the Tik Tok videos made it seem hard. They only took about 20 minutes to make and tasted very well. It’s the perfect snack for when you get home from a long day at school and you just need some comfort food to brighten your day. 

Gourmet Roman Noodles

⅘ Stars : I usually will just make my ramen how it says to on the package and just microwave it or cook it on the stove.  After making it this way I will never be able to make it the same way again. This creates a simple way to elevate the dish and make it taste better. The dish is totally customizable which makes it perfect for lunch or a snack after a long day at school. 

Baked Feta Pasta

⅘ Stars : This was a really good dish and deserves all the hype that it is getting on Tik Tok. It was a quick dish to make and taste really good. The only downside to this meal is the use of so many different bowls and plates to make it. The recipe has you separate many different components which made the clean-up take longer. Overall I would make this again and really did enjoy it.