Jobs for the Summertime

Summer is considered by some as freedom from school, others a chance to look for employment.

Christopher Staniec, Reporter

There are many job opportunities to look for in the summer when the sun and school are out. 

Jobs such as being a lifeguard or camp counselor are well-known summer jobs. 

Mackenzie Wadsworth, sophomore, has just been hired to be a lifeguard this summer. 

“Though juggling a job and school is hard sometimes, you always have the option of a summer job,” Wadsworth said. “Having a summer job keeps you going while having that break off of school as well as a routine, and of course, money.” 

Being a lifeguard comes with many responsibilities, such as keeping the swimmers safe, maintaining the pool and beach, as well as making sure it is clean. It is also required to be certified in CPR and pass a swimming test. 

“My desired environment would be a safe place, with positive people and attributes,” Wadsworth said. “If you don’t have any plans this summer and you’re planning on just sitting on the couch, I’d recommend getting a job that you’d enjoy this summer.” 

Being a camp counselor also has its fair share of responsibilities. 

They involve supervising the campers, making sure that they are safe, and doing enjoyable activities. 

One such student, Ella Copeland, junior, is a camp counselor in the summer at Westminster Woods. 

“Seeing the kids get to do stuff they don’t normally get to do is the most fun part of camp counseling,” Copeland said.

Working with kids is an opportunity to help create memories for the children. 

“It’s fun because I get to work with kids and it is kinda like going back to childhood,” Copeland said. 

Many students enjoy sports, one such student, Matthew Etzel, junior, decided to make his hobby a job. 

“I work as an umpire,” Etzel said. “Everybody works as a team and is supportive of each other.” 

Working on a sports team is a great way to learn how to work as a team. 

“Everybody is a team player,” Etzel said. “Nobody is negative and we all support each other as a team.” 

There is a very wide range of summer jobs available still through the Shawnee County Parks and Rec website. To name a few, one can find employment as maintenance in a park, a mini train driver, sports staff, and a recreation aide.

As park maintenance, one will attend to the park by taking care of the grass, cleaning the park, and inspecting and repairing playground equipment. 

As a mini-train driver, one will provide equipment to participants in sports and operate amusement rides or concessions. 

Sports staff will oversee the outdoor activities and ensure guests are engaged and recreation aides implement activities under the direction of a recreation manager.