Tim Hallacy Named New Superintendent

Previous middle school principal comes back ten years later as superintendent.

Tim Hallacy Named New Superintendent

David Negrete, Reporter

Throughout the year, the school board has made efforts to hire an official superintendent. The district has finally found one and his name is Tim Hallacy.

Hallacy has a good reputation with staff around the district, especially with some staff members who had kids as some of them remember him as a principal from the middle school. 

“Having worked for him in the past one of the qualities I value most from him is his approachability, he’s super people-oriented, student-oriented, open-door policy so he’s very easy to talk to, very easy to get a hold of, very visible in the community and really cares about the staff and students,” Sherri Monhollon, associate principal, said.

Monhollon also believes that Hallacy will be active in hallways, classrooms, and school events. 

“Hallacy is a very caring person. I knew him when he was in middle school when my daughter was in 8th grade, very organized, cares about students, staff,  everyone, he’s very physically responsible. He did a great job at Silver Lake. We were sad to see him go as a principal when he was here (at the middle school). I am very glad he is coming back here,” Jennifer Shultz, school nurse, said.

Schultz knows that if anything will need to be changed in the nursing department then Hallacy will be open for change. 

Debbie Garcia-Newman, a cook helper, remembers Hallacy as caring and she enjoyed how he ran the middle school. Garcia hopes that he will be open-minded towards the students. 

The new superintendent was chosen by the Kansas Association School Board; they had looked at information and data provided by the staff and student surveys then chose Hallacy. 

Tim Hallacy will be taking office on July 1st of this year. 

“I had what I believe to be the best mid-size superintendent position in the state at Silver Lake. There is only one place I would consider leaving Silver Lake for and that was Shawnee Heights,” Hallacy said. “I felt SH was the best large district position in the state and am honored by the opportunity to lead the district. I am grateful my family found a home in SNCO all those years ago and have been able to stay here through the years.” 

His other past experiences with education includes being a teacher and coach at Silver Lake as well as an assistant principal at Northern Hills Jr. High in the Seaman district. 

“I have tremendous respect for the Shawnee Heights district and the way I was pushed as a leader to always find ways to improve but also the way I was supported and encouraged in those efforts. That combination of drive, support, and encouragement helped me become a better educator and leader,” Hallacy said. “The level of teaming and dedication was a privilege to be a part of and I have complete confidence in the staff and leadership teams at SH. I have a lot of friends and respected colleagues I’m looking forward to rejoining.” 

Once Hallacy is in office he states that he will help everyone out to achieve their goals and improve the district.

“I have a lot of listening and learning to do ahead of me but am looking forward to that,” Hallacy said.